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Version 1. History.

Coffee occurs from a province of ethiopia  kaffa. since 8 centuries ad arabs used tinctures as medical means. till 15 century yemen was the unique country in which grew up coffee, and later this drink has extended in all countries of middle east.


In 1554 in constantinople the first institution in which it was possible to order coffee has opened.

In 17 century the dutch merchants began to trade actively in this product and have created the first plantations in the colonies (india, ceylon, java).

In 1645 in venice the first has opened the coffee house.

In 1669 thanks to visit of the turkish ambassador of coffee has appeared at court of louis xiv.

In 1686 cafe prokop opening in paris has taken place.

In 1706 the first coffee tree has been brought to europe, in amstredam. the plant has been presented in versailles in 1714: it became the ancestor of coffee plantations in the french colonies.

With 1723 for 1852 coffee cultures extend in the south america (brazil, 1827).

In 1840 india becomes the manufacturer of coffee for britain.

In 1880 there are french plantations on ivory coast. the african plantations appear extremely durable and promote development of east africa from the beginning of 20 centuries.

In 1901 the japanese chemist invents instant coffee.

In 1994 the coffee consumption level in the world reaches more than one and a half billions cups a day.

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