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Present that you have bought apartment. not a new building, but a lay-out convenient, and the house is located in silent cosy area near to the underground. and suddenly unexpectedly there is one of the former owners of habitation with claims, and is in addition found out that the transaction has been made incorrectly. as a result long trials. just to avoid possible troubles, it is necessary to use title insurance.

 in the real estate market exists two kinds of insurance. the first (and the most widespread)  insurance of property upon external factors: a fire, flooding, etc. the second (and less known among buyers)  title insurance, that is the prevention just that unpleasant situation described in the beginning of article.

Speaking to dry legal language, title insurance is an insurance of loss of property as a result of the termination of the property right to it. it gives protection in case the object of real estate got in the property will be obtained on demand at the owner on the various bases: the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale with infringement of norms of the legislation, preservation of the rights to object of real estate after its alienation at the third parties, absence of capacity or the seller and etc. better to say, is the real estate insurance not on a chance in the future, and the prevention of various unforeseen accidents which could take place already at signing of the contract of purchase and sale of habitation or even earlier.

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