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Naming - name

Means to name the house along the street and to serial number - today it already a retro. practice in the real estate market has won for a long time strong positions. after all every year in capital appears more and more beautiful and sonorous names not only housing estates, but also trading, and also business centres. however till now there is common opinion that such no objects of real estate: a tribute of a fashionable tendency or business necessity?
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Продажа пгс в новосибирске

First, the realtor is obliged to check up legal cleanliness of apartment. usually for similar check enough three documents: extracts from the uniform state register of registration of the rights to real estate (), the expanded extract from the house register years for 20 and inquiries on health from a psychoneurological clinic on all proprietors of apartment for last three years. pay attention Window sills For kitchen. after studying of the given documents it becomes clear, what probability of that the transaction can recognise as void.

The realtor should pay attention to that, how many transactions are spent with apartment. if lately them was a little it is better to refuse such apartment. also skilled realtors do not advise to get the apartments, which former owners got in the early nineties. in your apartment Bar counters From a stone. at this time there was a mass eviction of alcoholics which demand today to restore the rights. but in solid agency of real estate there is a base, and agents work only with the checked up apartments. nevertheless about similar nuances it is necessary to foreknow.

If you in something are not assured, the realtor will suggest you to insure the transaction. usually the sum makes 1 % from purchase cost. excellent Repair of bathrooms In terms. and if the purchase and sale transaction is recognised by void in court the insurance company is obliged to pay cost of apartment to the client completely.


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