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Temptation. Coffee


At last: huge pack of coffee in grains at my place. also what now with it to do? with this bag of coffee grain. and, well, i on kitchen have a super-puper coffee maker. now we will combine them and... my god, what aroma (it i have opened a package from coffee), what bouquet of coffee aromas, m-m-m. so, so, we fall asleep grain in the built in coffee grinder...

And, here already and the husband has come on kitchen, has come off, probably, the computer (or the tv).
... .

The prelude of reception of pleasure. from coffee.
: 20-25 : -, , , ( ), : - 20 .

ןנמהאזא ןדס

It is good, all the same, when here so it is easily possible to receive excellent Espresso. and for this purpose it is absolutely not obligatory to go to shop for coffee. after all the husband on what? and Internet ? Internet , - Internet With delivery Home. i want some coffee. In bed. please! only, truth, next day and not since morning. but, after all, it is possible and to be reserved on a week. and a choice? Coffee From brazil and kenya, guatemala and india, from colombia and kosta riki, with papua of that new guinea and tanzania, ethiopia, my mummies, from the java. moreover fried in the different ways, moreover mixes (manufacturers after all different, here and brands different, and coffee still is again the husband has prompted, about ). what ? perhaps a mix. it will be sometime necessary to specify at somebody.

Oh. something wanted to me .

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