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Why the person overcomes a dream and as caffeine interferes with this process research of scientists from the southeast medical centre (usa) is devoted it.

It appears, for switching-off tired answersand containing in coffee and tea caffeine blocks its action.

Adenozin isconsisting of and d-ribozy. this substance plays a dominant role in a power metabolism of fabrics and, including, regulates brain work, forcing to be disconnected tired and, finally, sending in bed of the most inveterate workaholics.

Thus, coffee and some other exciting drinks is the main target of the caffeine containing in tea.

Excessively long pressure in the centres of excitation of a brain, leads to quantity emissionbraking work not only the nervous cages located in these centres, but also all brain. earlier was considered that  is that a weariness hormone, having won which, it is possible to refuse forever bed  a symbol of hospital chamber.

Nevertheless the work spent by the professor of psychiatry by robert by (robert w. greene), forces to assume that  is an antifreeze for a brain, and its absence can lead to an exhaustion of nervous cages, an overstrain of a brain and all bouquet of effects accompanying such overstrain: a sleeplessness and other infringements of a dream. by the way, in semiology of many mental frustration, like a schizophrenia and posttraumatic infringements of behaviour, the key place is occupied with dream frustration.

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