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The apartment 1

At the majority of buyers of apartments since the childhood is formed a stereotype about apartments on the ground floor. 

Apartments on the ground floors do not love at once on set of the reasons. someone does not like affinity of street and court yard, to someone that any can glance in windows, to someone a sad view from the window of the ground floor and necessity of installation of lattices for protection against thieves. if nearby there passes a brisk line for inhabitants of the ground floors it becomes the present test, as well as constantly approaching and driving off cars in a court yard.

Such apartments, as a rule, are on sale more cheaply on 10 %, than on average floors. lower price of apartments speaks the ground floors affinity of street with all that it implies, smaller security from a robbery, absence of specific characteristics. apartments on the ground floors not only are cheaper, but also hardly are on sale. however, if in apartment on the ground floor qualitative repair is made, the safety system is established, and in other apartments of this house similar is not made that it can cost and is more expensive, but meets such seldom.

Categories of citizens to which the apartment on the ground floor not so can be interesting much. first, it is buyers embarrassed financially for whom the difference in 10 % from cost is critical. secondly the citizens limited in traficability pensioners and invalids it is difficult to them to move on the big distances, and lift breakage simply will not allow to get independently to apartment.

Builders of houses know about secret and obvious dislike of citizens to excessive ordinary to apartments and, therefore, as a rule, the first, and at times and the second floor in new houses is taken away under uninhabited premises which can be sold favourably. for example, on first 2 floors of housing estates uninhabited premises where infrastructural objects take place settle down: cafe and restaurants, kindergartens, places of acceptance of laundries and dry-cleaners, design bureau, minimarkets. the price of sale of uninhabited premises above, rather than the average price of apartments in a complex. stimulate such use of the ground floors of apartment houses and the local authorities lobbying placing on the ground floors of consumer services, shops, objects of housing and communal services.

At those who wants to use apartments on the ground floors under offices, shops and other commercial activity they use the raised demand. such buyers can sell apartment on the ground floor essentially more expensively, than on any the friend and about to a discount here speech does not go to 10 % any more. there are specialised agencies of real estate which are engaged in the repayment of apartments on 1st floors of the brisk and prestigious streets, their transfer in uninhabited fund and the subsequent sale with the income in tens percent. at businessmen non-standard apartments on the ground floors where there is a possibility to make a separate input use great popularity and, as consequence, to translate in uninhabited fund, that is to transform apartment into office which then, let us assume, can be resold favourably. or initially to get for this purpose.

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