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Round us is so much temptations... we so often are trapped by a temptation... we so are weak.soare pliable. still slightly and, ah, the consent flies from our lips. inquisitiveness gets the best of care! as it, also is useful, and it is fine. and then it would be desirable still, more and more. already to feel new sensations with another or with another and repeatedly for a day. it is possible two times, and even three. and at some, both on four, and on five for a day it turns out. both heart beats, and the thought excited demands self-realisation, and there is no rest to itself favourite (favourite) because it is difficult to stop - it would be desirable to continue. in the morning, in the afternoon, once again in the afternoon, then in the evening, and even at night (at night it, of course, already search, but some are capable). tempted once, learnt all charm to about you aspire to satisfy thirst still while sensations unknown to you from espresso, the coffee, prepared in a turk, the filter-coffee, coffee fromand many, unsatisfied with it, or, on the contrary, blase (though how it is possible to be satiated with coffee?) already gnaw coffee grains in chocolate. as those sheep from ethiopia (forgive me for this pun, anything personal, but could tell!) which the first have tasted coffee "apple" of good and harm. we fans of coffee, its judges, gourmets, we - tempted in this business - adore coffee. try, pick up the coffee, the mix, the bouquet of aromas, will be tempted with it and adore it.



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The principle 4

4 are four letters "m" which designate the beginning of the italian words about coffee: the mix, the grinding, the coffee maker (), the hand (barman). Is more detailed about these ...

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