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Geyser - - (, ) "" "".

This principle "pshshsh-bulk" is taken as a principle coffee preparations in to a coffee maker or a coffee maker type. and, danger of a burn or too has removed to a basis of this wayas being near to a natural geyser it is possible to burn, and using a coffee maker it is possible to burn if to lose vigilance. both there, and there to be very attentive. because it is possible not to have time to make all in time.

And all is in time to mark when gurgle will begin, that is when water will begin to boil when it will end (water from bottom has flowed through coffee in top), it to wait while the case of a coffee maker which is made of stainless steel or aluminium will cool down, it not to allow to dry up to a coffee deposit on internal walls of a coffee maker, it in time to replace a rubber lining which always not by the way cracks and ceases to carry out the function. in a word, put on overalls, goggles, gloves and it is possible to cook coffee.сверление алмазное отверстий, установка, дрель алмазного сверления.|Корзина 101 белый тюльпан, вкус.|фекальные насосы бытовые.|Являются аминокислоты ВСАА БЦАА что это такое и для нужны.


It is a little about versions of the coffee makers using the phenomenon.

Coffee makers on-neopoletanski are unusual that the top part is initially turned. but, when coffee is time for spilling on cups, it turns over. that is, it should be turned (it does not turn over).

The top part Usual coffee makers All time occupies the same position. when coffee is ready, it pour in cups in the usual, traditional way, as from a teapot.

A game coffee maker (1840 engineer robert naper). continuation in the following numbers...

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