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French press

The french press... that only do not name french. here now and a way of preparation of coffee. what for it is simple, when it is possible difficult? this motto can be carried not only to coffee preparation in to a coffee maker, but also to coffee preparation by the french method. frenchmen - they such, whether know, prankishes! though, who has told, what it was thought up by subject france? however, at them in europe all so

These who just now does not do the press. the main thing - fire-resistant glass pirex. if there is a label - the press can be used. there are, of course, the nuances connected with the piston, same as well as glass, an important detail of a press. not to offend manufacturers, we will write carefully: they good and different. there is an opinion that the press from firm bodum () most, the most good. what does it mean? well, smoothness of a course, for example. more shortly to notice a difference, it is necessary to have the aggravated feeling of symmetry and perpendicularity-parallelism.
Качественная замена мойки в Красноярске сантехник на дом.


If you consider yourselves as the normal person in from different manufacturers you will not feel what difference. and it is correct. and to live easier. the press carries out the function of preparation of coffee? the coffee thick separates from a coffee liquid under the influence of the piston? glass does not burst from hot water? if "yes" on all these questions - at you a good press. do not forget only that they happen different volume.

How to prepare coffee, using the french press (french press)

Having cleaned florid maxims of type "dry up a flask", "it is accurate coffee", "carefully fill in water", we will have in the dry rest (liquid coffee - ha-ha):

To pull out the piston from flask



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