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The filter of coffee

Well, what, have got on this page? interesting, means how to sate an organism with caffeine without use of instant coffee and without use of special devices for preparation of "correct" coffee, espresso type, coffee from turks or the french press? so we to you will tell! we to you will tell, how from make-shifts it is possible to prepare coffee not especially straining physically and, especially, intellectually. for you it have already made and have thought! rejoice!

We take the filter of coffee rombouts (), we take boiled water (there where there is a socket, it can be heated up a boiler where gas or fire wood - that on fire), we connect one to another and we wait, certainly, with impatience when process will end.

As it is all looks in detail can look Here.

The filter of coffee (). (, ), . .

And as it is possible to apply the future kofejno-space technologies in terrestrial conditions.
-, ! : -, (, ). !
Профессиональная установка сушилки для рук Нижний Новгород сантехуслуги с гарантией. | Строительно-отделочные работы, отделка стен Новосибирск и пригород под ключ. | Строительство и ремонт кухонь под ключ в Новокузнецке и пригороде


Continuation follows...


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