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Attention! for espresso is required to you a coffee maker giving necessary pressure in a pomp and on an exit. if your coffee maker creates insufficient pressure it is possible to go a following way. to go to the nearest moscow suburbs, in the centre of preparation of cosmonauts, to ask there for a while a centrifuge on which they train, to put in it a coffee maker and more feasibly to untwist a centrifuge. from physics it is known that, the more rotations, the more centripetal force, and, hence, pressure. there is also more simple way. to descend on factory of heavy mechanical engineering and to put a coffee maker under a press. pressure is provided with the large supply. or is even easier: to fall to the mariansky hollow (11 km below sea-level). and it is possible to address and to physicists-jadershchikam. a high pressure as in the sun centre, they receive on special installations by means of lasers. only there from a coffee maker there can be only

Bright light flash...

Of eh if all would be so simply.but, all on so is simple.

1820 - lui bernard rabo (frenchman) has thought up to pass water through coffee under pressure.

1855 - edward lojzel sante (frenchman) used this principle, but for water considerable quantities.

1901 - the italian firm betstsera has started to let out espresso of the car for preparation of several individual cups of espresso.

1935 - franchesko illi (italian) used compressed air instead of steam.

1948 - giovanni ahill gadzhia (italian) adapted under a commercial variant of use.

1961 - ernesto valente (italian) has patented the device using a pomp.

The beginning was necessary. now in the market of one only italy is present about two hundreds namesthough, say that details to them become only the several companies.

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